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NKTI Division of Pediatric Nephrology:

The Division of Pediatric Nephrology at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute is the lead center in the care of pediatric patients with kidney and urologic disorders. Our division is known for its expertise in caring for children with chronic kidney disease, complex urinary tract abnormalities, acute and chronic glomerulotubular diseases, complex kidney stone diseases. We are the leaders in the care of children with end stage kidney disease (ESKD) who require chronic dialysis and kidney transplantation.

The division is dedicated to performing research to improve treatment and outcomes in pediatric patients with advanced kidney disease. The researches evaluate various aspects of care provided to children with kidney disease.

The division is not only concerned of the treatment aspect of disease but also strives to enhance the well-being of patients and their families through many advocacy projects, including a “Batong Bulllit Art and Essay contest and Batong Bulilit get-togethers and programs, kidney friendly school education programs and screening.

The management is a team approach that is tailored to your child's needs. The comprehensive care is coordinated across specialties to develop treatment plans specific for each child. The team evaluates the child, review records, request for needed tests, make recommendations as to therapy and may include referrals to other subspecialist network.


The NKTI Division of Pediatric Nephrology provides urinary tract evaluation, comprehensive acute and chronic kidney services including peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis and kidney transplantation, hypertension diagnostics and management, as well as treatment of chronic kidney disease complications. Pediatric patients with all forms of kidney and urinary tract diseases will have access to world-class diagnostic, treatment, education and research services.

Conditions we treat:

  • Chronic kidney disease
  • End-stage kidney disease (ESKD)
  • Congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract (obstructive uropathy, multicystic dysplastic kidneys, posterior urethral valves, vesicoureteral reflux, renal hypoplasia, solitary kidney
  • Acute and Chronic glomerulonephritis
  • Nephrolithiasis (kidney stones)
  • Hematuria and proteinuria
  • Lupus nephritis
  • Focal segmental Glomerulosclerosis
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Pediatric hypertension
  • Cystic diseases of the kidney

Pediatric Nephrology programs:

  • Pediatric dialysis units (PD and HD)
  • Pediatric Kidney Transplantation
  • Hypertension Clinic
  • Voiding Dysfunction clinic

Transition program:

The transition program consists of six modules, which will be reviewed at clinic appointments. The goals of each module are:

  • Kidney disease knowledge
  • Medication and transplant knowledge
  • Adherence to medication and lab work
  • Understanding risk-taking behaviors
  • How to stay healthy
  • Self-advocacy
  • Reproductive health
  • Managing school and/or work
  • Self-esteem
  • Health insurance
  • Advanced directives
  • Identifying a support system

Advocacy projects:

  • One of our division’s missions is to improve the well-being of our patients and their families through a range of activities and advocacy projects.
  • Batong Bulilit Art and Essay Contest – to enhance the artistic talents of kidney patients that can divert their stresses into artwork.
  • Batong Bulilit get-together activity - organized to improve the social interaction in a fun environment among kidney patients and their parents and siblings
  • Batong Bulilit School advocacy – organized to educate the school children on how to take good care of their kidneys and to screen for signs of kidney disease through urinalysis, BP and weight measurement.

Pediatric Nephrology Researches:

Our faculty and fellows conduct researches to improve knowledge, understanding and treatment of kidney diseases in children.

In addition, the division works with national and international data registries, including the International pediatric nephrology Association (IPNA)  CKD registry project and the DRaGON study of the National university of Singapore on genetic analysis of FSGS and cystic diseases and the International Pediatric Peritoneal Dialysis Network (IPPN) with the goal of improving clinical outcomes in children with chronic kidney disease.

Nephrology Fellowship Curriculum

The Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Program is a training program whose aim is to is to assure that each fellow finishes the program with the knowledge and expertise of a well-trained and proficient pediatric nephrologists who can improve the lives of children with kidney diseases. This is achieved by exposure to a variety of clinical materials whose comprehensive management is mentored by pediatric nephrology experts and related disciplines. This training is enhanced by tailored research experiences, attentive instruction and learning opportunities. The fellowship program fulfills all requirements for pediatric subspecialty board certification by the Philippine Society of Nephrology (PSN) and the Pediatric nephrology Society of the Philippines (PNSP).

Our Expert Team

Ma. Angeles G. Marbella, MD
Pediatric KT Coordinator

Ma. Lorna Lourdes L. Simangan, MD
Training Officer
Transition Program Coordinator

Violeta M. Valderrama, MD
Safety Officer
Research Panel Director

Ma. Isabel M. Vilvar, MD
Fellow Training Committee Director
Transition Program Coordinator
Pediatric Hemodialysis Coordinator

Ana Rose  Dy-Vicente, MD
Fellow Training Committee Director
Pediatric PD Coordinator


Esther Tan-Medina, MD
Research Coordinator


Alma A. Borja, MD
Research Panel Director

Venus Iris Tubeo, MD
Pediatric Nephrology Advocacy Committee Director

Naomi P. Grospe, MD
Pediatric Nephrology Advocacy Committee Director

Past Chairmen / Advisers
Myrna B. Rosel, MD Zenaida L. Antonio, MD Ofelia R. De Leon, MD

Active Consultants with Plantilla

Ma. Angeles G. Marbella, MD
Ma. Lorna Lourdes L. Simangan, MD
Violeta M. Valderrama, MD

Active Consultants without Plantilla

Myrna B. Rosel, MD
Zenaida L. Antonio, MD\
Ofelia R. De Leon, MD
Ma. Isabel M. Vilvar, MD
Ana Rose Dy-Vicente, MD
Esther Tan-Medina, MD
Naomi P. Grospe, MD
Venus Iris T. Tubeo, MD
Alma A. Borja, MD
Ma. Norma V. Zamora, MD
Dolores D. Bonzon, MD 

Visiting Consultants

Rachelle Dela Cruz, MD

List of Graduates

Cynthia Lim-Bureau, MD
Ofelia R. De Leon, MD
James. E. Woo, MD
Flordeliza P. De Villa, MD
Regina Dela Cruz-Tiongson, MD
Solita Isidro-Tadoy, MD
Ma. Angeles G. Marbella, MD
Monina Cristina S. Cabral, MD
Concesa A. Bacamante-Padilla, MD
Leila F. Quidilla, MD
Gemma Tiu Aguila, MD
Ma. Lourdes L. Simangan, MD
Esther Uy Tan-Medina, MD
Jimmylito Solomon, MD
Violeta Meneses Valderrama, MD
Maria Isabel Montalbo-Vilvar, MD
Dolores D. Bonzon, MD
Alma Almera-Borja, MD
Rahmadi Wibowo, MD
Nathan C. Bumanglag, MD
Cristine G. Cabahug, MD
Maria Editha S. Espedilla, MD
Naomi Grospe-Holgado, MD
Carmina Gerard S. Patio, MD
Ana Rose A. Dy, MD
Venus Iris T. Tubeo, MD
Malou Saga-Valdez, MD
Claire Angeli U. Imbisan, MD
Katherine A. Paa, MD
Christine S. Caringal, MD
Roselle H. Manuel, MD
Josefa J. Navarro, MD
Janice Tuazon, MD
Coe Dela Sena, MD
Ambrosio Palana, MD
Reylenn Pardillo-Obach, MD
Elmer Kent Lopez, MD
Irish Manguilimotan, MD
Kristen Ann Claravall-Manalo, MD
Ma. Rowena Ong Cuya, MD
Mary Aimee Uson, MD
Ma. Socorro O. Dequito - Santican, MD
Michelle G. Cacayorin, MD
Marie Michelle A. Machado, MD
Maria Dalla Dosado,MD
Grace Pandes, MD
Zarah Marie Zamora-Tan, MD
Ana Katherine Alas, MD
Patricia Zenaida Fariñas-Cajigal, MD
Thara Kristelle C. Villegas, MD
Anne Margarette Canapi, MD
Leigh Michelle Salinas, MD
Catherine Jennifer Catibog, MD
John Paul Ancheta, MD

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