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About Us

The Department of Adult Nephrology of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute is composed of highly accomplished nephrologists who are Diplomates and Fellows of the Philippine Society of Nephrology (PSN), and fifteen (15) highly competent and hardworking fellows-in-training. Its training program is accredited by the PSN and offers comprehensive training in general nephrology, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, chronic kidney disease, renal transplantation and research. The Department handles, together with the Department of Organ Transplantation, about 300 kidney transplants each year. This represents about 50% of the transplant all over the country. It also has one of the largest Hemodialysis Units divided into a 12-station acute unit to serve in-patients and a 31-station out-patient hemodialysis unit. The Department's medical staff has experts in all types of dialysis and has the richest experience in managing kidney transplant patients. The Department likewise serves the largest Peritoneal Dialysis Unit. Thus the Department's medical staff has experts in all types of dialysis and has the richest experience in managing kidney transplant patients. Throughout the years, the efforts of the Department have been directed mainly towards improving the system of the renal health care delivery nationwide.

These are the Quality Objectives of the Department

1. To develop professional, knowledgeable and skilled nephrologists.
2. To develop compassionate and ethical nephrologists.
3. To attract qualified applicants for its training program.
4. To stimulate and develop a continuing commitment to scholarship.


1. To provide quality care to all in-patient and ambulatory patients with renal disease or kidney-related conditions.
2. To provide expertise in the diagnosis and management of renal failure, renal syndromes, acid-base imbalance, electrolyte problems, volume homeostasis and renal transplantation.

1. To initiate and engage in relevant research addressing nephrology issues of priority in the country
2. To formulate practice guidelines and protocols in the diagnosis and management of renal diseases based on evidence gathered from the experience of both the Institute and other local and foreign authors.



We have an outpatient hemodialysis unit (Hemodialysis Annex II) with 31 top-of-the-line hemodialysis machines. It is open Mondays to Saturdays from 4 AM to 11 PM offering 4 sessions daily. A fellow-in-training regularly make rounds on the dialysis patients and highly qualified renal nurses carry out the dialysis orders. A separate hemodialysis unit is available at the Main Building for patients who are admitted in the ward, ICU, or in the Emergency Room. Patients who need immediate dialysis are given priority over the patients who just need regular dialysis during their admission.

Peritoneal Dialysis

The Peritoneal Dialysis ward caters to admitted patients who are started on this mode of renal replacement therapy and patients who are already on PD and are confined for whaever medical problems. The ward is capable of performing manual PD and cycler-assisted PD. Formal training on continuos ambulatory peritoneal dialysis is also offered here. The Peritoneal Dialysis clinic caters to PD patients who come in for regular follow-up or for their chronic intermittent cycler-assisted peritoneal dialysis.

Kidney Transplantation

Our program in kidney transplantation is certainly the best and the most established nationwide and it boasts of the widest clinical and research experience. We provide comprehensive and quality care to private and service renal transplant patients during their pre-, intra- and post-operative course.
Kidney Biopsy

We perform ultrasound-guided biopsy of native kidneys and renal grafts together with the Department of Radiology and Pathology.
Outpatient Clinics

Aside from the private clinics of our consultant staff, we conduct regular clinics in General Nephrology and Kidney Transplantation for our service patients from Mondays to Fridays, 1 to 5 PM. Nephrology fellows-in-training man these clinics under the supervision of the consultant staff.

In 2006, we established the Chronic Kidney Disease Education and Counselling Program (CKD Clinic). Newly-diagnosed CKD patients, (whether on renal replacement therapy already or not) are referred to this clinic for counselling and education regarding all aspects of their illness (diagnosis, treatment, diet, laboratories, medicines, financial costs, family support, government support, etc.). Specific modules are offered and patients are evaluated objectively to ensure their comprehension. The clinic is located at the 2nd floor, Annex II building and is manned by our trained paramedical staff under the close supervision of our consultant staff. It is open Mondays to Fridays from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Our Expert Team

Department Chairman:               

Luis V. Limchiu, MD

Training Officer:             

Russel T. Villanueva, MD

Research Coordinator:                

Romina A. Danguilan, MD


Concesa C. Casasola, MD

Educational Council Committee:

Romina A. Danguilan, MD


Luis V. Limchiu, MD


Nenita A. Collantes, MD


Irmingarda P. Gueco, MD


Benita S. Padilla, MD


Florencio J. Pine, MD


Vicente V. Tanseco, MD

Out-Patient Kidney Disease

Management Committee:                  

Hazel Daphne R. Niñalga, MD

Committee on Transplant Acceptance:   

Romina A. Danguilan, MD


Concesa C. Casasola, MD


Glenda Eleanor P. Pamugas, MD

CKD Education and Counseling

Program Committee:                  

Concesa C. Casasola. MD

External Training Committee:                

Glenda Eleanor P. Pamugas, MD

Protocol Review Committee:        

Luis V. Limchiu, MD    


Benita S. Padilla, MD


Elizabeth R. Sebastian, MD

Special Project Committee:                    

Glenda Eleanor P. Pamugas, MD


Hazel Daphne R. Niñalga


Antonio R. Paraiso, MD

Post-Graduate Courses Committee:          

Alberto Frederick M. Celestial, MD

Contact Us

Mailing Address:                                                  

Department of Adult Nephrology


National Kidney and Transplant Institute


East Avenue, Quezon City 1100



Email Address:                                

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Numbers:                                               

(63) (2) 8926-8918


(63) (2) 8981-0300, 8981-0400 local 3118

Fax Number:             

(63) (2) 8926-8918

Business Days & Hours:          

Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm

Training Program

The National Kidney and Transplant Institute Department of Adult Nephrology is accepting applicants for its Fellowship Training in Adult Nephrology. Please submit the following requirements on or before December 1, 2009:

1. Application Letter addressed to the Department Chair, Dr. Romina A. Danguilan
2. Curriculum Vitae (Please include Head of Department/Training Officer as reference)
3. Class Rating with General Weighted Average
4. Transcript of Records
5. Medical Board Rating
6. Medical Board Certificate
7. Post-Graduate Internship Certificate
8. Diploma (Doctor of Medicine)
9. Internal Medicine Residency Certificate from Accredited Training Hospital
10. PRC License Card
11. Two (2) 2 x 2 ID Picture
12. Payment of Processing Fee (Php 500.00)

Submit to:
Adult Nephrology Office
3rd Floor, Main Building
National Kidney and Transplant Institute
East Avenue, Quezon City

For Inquiries, Please contact Ms. RHEA DECENA, Department Secretary, at Telephone Numbers: (02) 924-3601 loc 3118 and (02) 926-8918 (fax), E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: Applicants should successfully pass the written and oral exams and complete a 1-week pre-fellowship training before they are accepted into the program.

Rotations of Fellows-in-Training

   1. First Year:

  • General Nephrology (Pay and Service Wards)

  • Peritoneal Dialysis

  • Hemodialysis

  • Emergency Room

  • Kidney Transplantation

  • Out-patient Service

   2. Second Year:

  • Kidney Transplantation

    • Pay Ward
    • Service Ward
  • General Nephrology Service Ward

  • East Avenue Medical Center

  • Philippine Heart Center

Application Form For Fellowship Training