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The Medical Education Office supports the Mission / Vision of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) by ensuring effective, exceptional and outstanding training programs of the Institute’s medical and paramedical personnel. The Office oversees training programs of the different departments and ensures that its highest standards are continuously met by the trainees.

At NKTI, Medical Specialists are always on hand to teach and share their vast clinical experiences and knowledge to the trainees. The Medical Departments through the Medical Education Office are encouraged to explore innovative teaching methods and techniques and develop globally competitive training programs as well as establish local and international linkages.

We have envisioned that all training activities of each department are directed and coordinated towards quality training thru conferences, lectures and continuing improvement of medical/surgical skills and consultant-trainee interaction. Different learning activities challenge trainees to develop their abilities beyond their potentials to prepare them to succeed professionally and deliver quality professional care. As such, the office hopes to produce well equipped, competent and well rounded professionals who provide excellent care and quality service to our patients.

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Training Program

2008 Schedule of Hospital-wide Conferences

Please be informed of the following schedules of HOSPITAL-WIDE CONFERENCES:

1. Clinico-Pathologic Conference (CPC) - The protocol and the invitation of the Consultant/Discussant shall be the responsibility of the department assigned for the month as follows:
      January 30     -       Organ Transplant & Vascular Surgery
      April 30           -        Internal Medicine
      July 30            -        Urology
      October 29     -        Adult Nephrology

Moreover, the transcription of CPC shall be the responsibility of the Fellow/Resident who presented the case. It should  be forwarded to the Office of Medical Education after two weeks.

2. Tumor Board Conference (TBC) - Cases shall be selected by the Department of Pathology. Three (3) cases per conference shall be presented/discussed by the assigned departments where the cases emanated from. The schedule are as follows:

      March 26             -         (3 cases - Urology, GS/Organ Txn, Internal Medicine)
      June 25               -         (3 cases - Urology, GS/Organ Txn, Internal Medicine)
      September 24    -         (3 cases - Urology, GS/Organ Txn, Internal Medicine)

3. Research Conference (RC) - Cases for presentation/discussion shall be selected by the Research Committee. Concerned departments/consultants /Fellows and Residents shall be notified. The scheduled dates are as follows:

      February 27     May 28     August 27

4. Annual Research Forum - shall be tentatively scheduled on December 10, 2008, Wedenesday, from 8:00 AM to 12 NN at Auditorium II, Third Floor. A separate Hospital Circular chall be issued to this effect.

      Attendance to these Hospital-Wide Conferences is mandatory for Residents, Fellows and all active (plantilla and non-plantilla) Consultants. Scheduled ELECTIVE SURGERY shall be reduced during the time slots for CPC, Tumor Board and Research Conferences. Said conferences shall be held every LAST WEDNESDAY of the month, scheduled quarterly from 9:00 AM to 12 NN at the Auditorium II, 3rd floor.