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Breast cancer incidence has alarmingly increased over the recent years. Data presented by the Philippine Cancer society in 2010 show that breast cancer is now the leading site of cancer among women in the Philippines. Combined data for cancers among men and women still show breast cancer to be number one. This clearly highlights the fact that breast cancer far outnumbers other types of cancer. Data gathered shows that three (3) out of one-hundred (100) Filipina would have the chance of having breast cancer before the age of 75. The same data show that survival from breast cancer is lowest in the Philippines when compared to other countries globally.

These facts and estimates have caused great anxiety not only within the health sector but with the general public as well. Patients are more vigilant with their breast health issues and comply more with screening guidelines. We now see many organizations, private or government, strongly advocating early diagnosis and better therapeutic options for patients with breast cancer. Our government has responded to this important health issue by including breast cancer in the Z package launched by the Department of Health and Philippine Health Insurance Company in 2012. The Z package aims to provide breast cancer patients the means to complete their treatment.

The National Kidney and Transplant Institute is one with the Department of Health in its drive to provide better health care for all Filipinos. On 2013, the NKTI established its own breast clinic. The NKTI Breast Center offers a one-stop center fully dedicated to addressing breast concerns. The clinic houses a state-of-the-art breast imaging center and competent specialists. Patients may now have their ultrasound, mammography, minimally invasive biopsies and procedures all in one clinic with quick turnaround time. As a firm believer in the multi-modal management of breast cancer, patients of the NKTI Breast Center are assured that they are given the best management possible. Lastly, the NKTI Breast Center is a clinic committed to ensuring that each patient complies with the comprehensive treatment and surveillance of breast cancer.

About Us


To be the leading breast center among the DOH maintained hospitals in the country delivering comprehensive, multidisciplinary and up to date management for all Filipino breast patients.


  1. To provide affordable and quality care for all breast patients.
  2. To deliver a coordinated, multidisciplinary team approach to patient management through thorough and careful coordination.
  3. To decrease turnaround time of breast patients.
  4. To encourage continued education and training of physicians of the NKTI Breast Center.
  5. To monitor breast cancer patients and ensure compliance with complete treatment and follow up.
  6. To continuously monitor patient care and make adjustments for quality improvement.

To conduct research based on patients seen at the NKTI Breast Center to further breast cancer management and treatment.


The NKTI Breast Center is a one stop shop. With its state-of-the-art breast imaging and diagnostic equipment and a competent staff composed of experts from different specialties, patients are assured a quick, comprehensive and quality management.



Digital Mammogram

  • Mammography functions as a screening tool for early detection of breast cancer as it can show changes in the breast even before a physical symptoms are felt.

Breast Ultrasound

  • Ultrasound is a safe and painless imaging that uses sound waves to produce an imaging of the internal structures of the breast hat helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions.


  • Elastography is medical imaging modality that maps the elastic properties of soft tissue in the breast. It helps distinguish between benign and malignant lumps.


  • Ductography is a contrast enhanced mammography used for imaging the breast ducts. Ductography can aid in diagnosing the cause of an abnormal nipple discharge and is valuable in diagnosing intraductal papillomas and other conditions
Breast MRI
  • A breast MRI may be used once a woman has been diagnosed with cancer to check the other breast for cancer or to find out how much the disease has grown throughout the breast. It may also be used for screening, particularly along with mammography for some women with a high risk of breast cancer.


Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

  • Fluid filled lumps or cyst in layman terms, may be aspirated when necessary. A syringe is used to aspirate the fluid from the cyst and may be sent to the laboratory for further analysis.

Ultrasound Guided Core Needle Biopsy

  • Core Needle Biopsy method uses a core needle to get small tissue samples from a breast lump. The tissue samples will be sent to the pathology lab for examination.

Ultrasound Guided Needle Localization

  • Ultrasound guided needle localization is used for nonpalpable breast lumps. It is done before an excision to help the surgeon locate the lump. A hookwire needle is inserted by the radiologist onto the breast lump under ultrasound guidance.

Mammogram Guided Needle Localization

  • Nonpalpable lesions noted on mammogram are excised with placement f a hookwire needle under mammogram guidance.


  • Microduchectomy or nipple duct excision is performed for patients who present with a suspicious discharge without other findings on imaging. It is a procedure wherein the duct giving out the normal discharged is localized and exercised. This duct is then sent to the laboratory for histopathologic analysis.

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

  • Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy is now done for early breast cancer presenting with a clinically negative axilla. It is done with the aid of a blue dye and/or the lymphoscintigraphy. In contrast to the to the standard axillary surgery only a few (2 to 4) nodes are removed. These nodes are sent to the laboratory for evaluation.



  • Excision is a minor surgery to remove a breast lump when indicated. It may be diagnostic (to obtain a histophatologic diagnosis) or therapeutic (to remove a lump previously diagnosed as benign.) it may be done under local anesthesia with or without sedation or, general anesthesia.


Partial Mastectomy/Lumpectomy/Breast Conservation Surgery

  • Patients who are diagnosed early enough may be candidates for partial mastectomy or lumpectomy. This procedure entails removal of the breast cancer without the need to take out the whole breast.


  • This is the usual procedure done for patient with large breast cancers. It entails removal of the entire breast.

Sentinel Node Biopsy

  • Surgery for breast cancer includes analysis of axillary lymph nodes. Patients who present early enough without evident involvement are candidates for this procedure. The sentinel nodes (approximately 2-4 nodes) are identified with use of a blue dye and/or radionuclide dye and excised. The nodes are sent to the laboratory to check for malignant cells.

Axillary Node Dissection

  • Patients who present with cancer reaching the axillary nodes need to undergo removal of the said nodes.

Type of breast cancer surgery include:

  • Partial or Segmental Mastectomy or Quadrantectomy or Lumpectomy or Wide Excision.

Breast Cancer Surgery

  • Various breast cancer surgical techniques are done at NKTI Breast Center. The Consultants will discuss and recommend surgical options to patients according to patient’s need. The primary goal of the treatment is to provide a therapeutic treatment.

Types of breast cancer surgery include:

  • Lumpectomy (wide local excision)
  • Partial or Segmental Mastectomy or Quadrantectomy
  • Total Mastectomy
  • Modified Radical Mastectomy

Treatment Services

  1. Multidisciplinary Breast Disease Consultation
  2. Breast Surgery
  3. Medical Oncology
  4. Radiology

Our Expert Team



  • Gerardo M. Silva, MD
  • Rosanna E. Fragante, MD
  • Angela U. Crisostomo, MD
  • Ferdinand L. Morabe, MD
  • Maureen Emily S. Salarda, MD


  • Aldwin A. Yaneza, MD
  • Amihan A. Banaag, MD
  • Catherine S.C Teh, MD
  • Claudine R. Ordonez, MD
  • Enrico P. Ragaza, MD
  • Jennifer C. Mercado, MD
  • Joel P. Merced, MD
  • Monette J. Casupang, MD
  • Svetlana Pinon - Barretto, MD


  • Jose Roberto G. Amparo, MD
  • Leo Y. Marbella, MD
  • Nunilon G. Vergara, MD
  • Gloria R. Cristal - Luna, MD
  • Necy S. Juat, MD
  • Conrado J. Lola, MD
  • Anna Marie Pascual-Panganiban, MD

Contact Us

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday 8:00 AM to 12:00 NN

Contact Number: 8981-0300 / 8981-0400 local 2415

Location: 2nd Floor, NKTI Diagnostic Building, East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

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