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Nuclear Medicine is a clinical specialty that uses radioactive materials specifically Radiopharmaceuticals in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases in both adult and pediatric patients. The gamma camera and the computer interfaced to it are the primary instruments used. Together, they have served as the catalyst-responsible for enhancing the urique ability of Nuclear Medicine to provide functional information that is not possible with other anatomic imaging modalities.

Throughout the years, Nuclear Medicine has proven its worth and has gained acceptance in different clinical fields such as Endocrinology, Cardio-Pulmonary, Nephro-Urology, and Gastroenterology and Oncology.

We deliver the most rapid and accurate diagnosis in the specialty using high-quality radiopharmaceuticals.

We aim to provide the highest quality health care to all patients.

About Us

The year 2011 was a transition period for the unit with the much anticipated transfer to the new NKTI Diagnostic Center with its state-of-the-art equipment.  The transfer began in the month of July and the unit started full operations with actual patients by the first week of August 2011.

In its new home located in the ground floor of the Diagnostic Center, the Nuclear Medicine Division now boasts of new acquisitions namely:  two Philips Brightview X SPECT Gamma Cameras,  Hologic Discovery A DXA Bone Densitometer and Biodex Atomlab 950 Thyroid Uptake Machine.  These top-of-the-line equipments will serve as the unit’s workhorses in providing imaging and non-imaging diagnostic procedures in Nuclear Medicine and allied specialties.

The Brightview X Gamma Camera provides superb image resolution with short imaging time due to its numerous cutting-edge technologies incorporated in both its hardware and computer.  It can image closer to the patient at a faster time without compromising image resolution.  The scintigraphic procedures whether planar, tomographic, static or dynamic.


 Our Expert Team 

Division Chief:

Angelo O. Martinez, MD


Alvin P. Quiñon, MD


Jamilla Cecilia L. Gomez, MD


Patricia A. Bautista, MD

 Nuclear Medicine Technologists


Exequiel B. Gaspar Jr., RMT

Medical Technologists:

Farrah Angeline P. Aranca, RMT


Julie Ann A. Javier, RMT


Allen Kristel V. Dalmacion, RMT


Kristoffer C. Testado, RMT


Katryn Nikka S. Alegado, RMT

Radiological Technologist:

Kevin Nikko P. Solomon, RRT


Junadel B. Dosdos


Contact Us 

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Nuclear Medicine Division


Ground Floor, Diagnostic Center


National Kidney and Transplant Institute


East Avenue, Quezon City 1100



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