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ESWL is a radiologic procedure wherein a shock wave is emitted from the machine and passes through the skin, tissues and up to the kidney or its parts where the stone located. The treatment may lasts up to one (1) hour and the stone breaks up/pulverizes and can be passed naturally during urination.

In some cases, more than one (1) treatment may be necessary. Re-treatments are usually performed 2-4 weeks after the first treatment.
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Pre-Procedure Instructions :

  • Light evening meal the night before the procedure.

  • Age 60 and below, take castor oil 50 ml. after eating evening meal; for age 60 and above, take Dulcolax 4 tablets the night before the procedure after evening meal.

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight.

  • Do not take Aspirin or Aspirin products 7-10 days prior to the procedure.

  • If the procedure is scheduled in the afternoon, you may eat light breakfast at least 6-8 hours before the procedure.

  • Proceed to the hospital a day before the procedure if needs confinement or an hour before the procedure depending on your doctor’s advice.

  • Wear comfortable clothing. A hospital gown will be provided for the procedure.

  • Remove all jewelries, contact lenses, eye glasses and nail polish.

  • After the procedure, you will be brought to the Recovery room where your Vital Signs will be monitored.

  • Patient with other medical problems such as Hypertension, Diabetes and others is advised to take their maintenance dose with only a sip of water 2 hours prior to the procedure.

  • Please bring Cardiopulmonary results once your physician advised you to undergo such diagnostic examination prior to procedure for evaluation of the Anesthesiologist.

Note: For pregnant woman, inform your physician.
Discharge Instructions :

  • After the procedure, the following symptoms may occur:

             Slight nausea
             Black and blue marks ( bruises ) on the treatment side. This will gradually disappear.
             Slight discomfort on the treatment side. This will disappear in few days.
             Sleepiness or groggy feeling.
             Presence of blood in the urine during voiding.

  • Activity: Walking is encouraged as soon as possible after Lithotripsy.

             Increased walking helps stone fragments to pass out/eliminate easily.

  • Diet: Drink lots of fluid (3 to 4 liters) within the first 48 hours after the proce-dure to help eliminate the stone fragments more easily.

             You may eat solid foods and resume your normal diet as you wish after the
             procedure unless ordered by the  physician.

  • Voiding: Strain all urine with strainer or a piece of cloth and collect all fragments for 7 days for analysis.

  • There may be presence of blood in the urine within 3 days after Lithotripsy.

  • Medication: A mild pain medication will be prescribed.

  • Contact your Physician immediately if the following symptoms occur:

             Fever over 38 degree centigrade
             Persistent nausea
             Persistent pain
             Pus-like urine
             Excessive bleeding (bright red) and/or clotted blood in the urine
             > See your physician 2 weeks after the procedure for follow-up treatment/ evaluation.

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