The Admitting Office is open daily for 24 hours ready to accept admission which include those from walk-in patients. The Office is located at the right part of the Main Lobby. The Section has a waiting area with reading materials and television to keep the patient & relatives comfortable during processing of admission.
What to Bring
In order for the NKTI Admitting Section staff provide you faster service, do bring the following :

  • Physician Order

  • For old NKTI patients - Pink Card already issued indicating your existing Hospital Number at NKTI.

  • Letter of Authorization – if the patient is Company-Sponsored and must bring with him proof of membership (Card or Letter).

  • Medical Insurance Cards/Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) holders (Medicard, Fortunecare, Philamcare, etc.)

  • PhilHealth Membership Card – for Filipino Nationals who are members of PhilHealth

  • Senior Citizen Identification - availment of Senior Citizen discount

  • Personal effects (clothes, towel, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, tissue paper, slippers, spoon and fork, plates, cups and saucers,drinking glasses, blanket, water dipper (tabo). Basin and water dipper will not be provided for but can be purchased at the central supply at a minimal cost

  • Cell phone chargers, radio/cassette, hair dryer, etc. (Electric consumption shall be charged and included in the patient’s hospital bill. Electric Airpots and microwave ovens are available upon request for minimal fee.)

What NOT to Bring
You are advised not to bring the following items:

  • Jewelry and other valuables

  • folding beds, chairs, pillows, bedsheets

  • deadly weapons

  • intoxicating drinks such as beers and the like

  • cigars, cigarettes and lighters

Note: You are not encouraged to bring large amount of money in your room. You may entrust your cash for safekeeping at the Cashier Office from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. or at the Admitting Office after 10:00 p.m. Safety deposit boxes are available in all private deluxe and suite rooms. The hospital shall not be held liable for any losses in your room.
Registration Information on Confinement
Upon registration at the Admitting Section, the Admitting staff will ask if you are new to NKTI or if you have been previously confined. If you are new, be ready to provide the basic information about you to facilitate your admission. If you were previously confined, you can help by giving the date of your last confinement and more importantly, present your Pink Card.

If upon registration, you are too ill to give the necessary information, the nearest kin or any member of your family may register for you. The party responsible for your hospitalization will be requested to sign for you. Your consent for hospital care for operation or for other procedures will be taken. If you are unable to sign or you are of minor age, your parents or guardian will be required to sign for you.

The Admitting staff will also require you to sign a form about the terms and conditions of service while your patient is admitted at NKTI. Please read this form carefully before signing. This gives the Institute permission to treat you and to give information regarding your hospital stay to your company/ HMO or any insurance carrier you are accredited.
oom Selection
The Institute has a variety of rooms you can select from. Room classification includes the following : Service Ward, Pay Ward, Semi-Private, Private, and Suite Room. The Service Wards are occupied by patient who opted for charity service while the other room classifications are for Pay patients. For patients needing utmost attention and care, the Institute has several ICU rooms. For patients undergoing Hemodialysis, the NKTI Dialysis Center also provides private rooms to accommodate patients wanting privacy during their hemodialysis treatment.

After admission has been finalized, the patient will be given an Admitting Kit (for pay patients) comprising of utensils, bar of soap, spoon, fork, calibrated glass, tissue paper, disposable slippers, toothbrush and toothpaste.

NKTI accepts room reservation from possible patients not to exceed four (4) hours.

Orietation of NKTI Rules & Regulations
After the admission has been processed, you will be oriented on the rules and regulations of the hospital. This will inform you and your visitors and relatives on what to do during stay at NKTI. A Patients’ Handbook is readily available at the Patient Relations Office located near the Admitting office.
Wheeling-In to your Room
A Housekeeping personnel will wheel you in to your room of choice. Elevators are near the Admitting office which will bring you to your room with ease. Our friendly and efficient nurses will welcome you and ensure you will be properly taken care of.
(Patient Handbook)
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