The Billing Office processes your Statement of Account upon your discharge. The Section may provide you, upon your request, preliminary updates of your billing statement during confinement. The Billing Section is ready to entertain your inquiries or clarifications regarding your Billing statement from Monday – Friday, 7 am – 10 pm; Saturday, Sunday & Holidays, 7:30am – 6:00 pm.

Professional Fee

Billing Statement for the Doctor's Professional Fee/s is a separate printout and all such fees shall be paid at the Cashier in compliance with BIR Revenue Regulation No. 14-2013.

Applicable Discounts

If you are to avail of authorized discounts like Senior Citizen, Government Employee (applicable to Filipino citizens only), you have to submit copy of SC IDs & certification of employment to the Billing Office at least a day prior discharge in order for them to include the applicable discounts to your Billing Statement. This will facilitate immediate processing of your final Statement of Account.


Filipino patients who are PhilHealth members / dependents can avail of a special benefit under this program which gives them additional deductions on their Hospital Bill. The Billing Office will assist you in the availment and requirements of your PhilHealth benefits and maybe consulted from Monday to Sunday.

Hospital Discharge and Billling Process

When your Attending Physician decides that you are ready for discharge, the Ward Nurse shall inform the Billing office by encoding the order to the computer. A staff of the Billing office will start preparing the final Billing Statement of your confinement and have all the discounts and benefits appropriately deducted. You will receive a call (if you have a telephone) or a notification from the Ward Nurse once your bill is finalized and can be settled at the cashier office.

You may need to send a representative to the Billing office to get the bill and then pay at the Cashier either in cash or credit card.

If you are sponsored by an insurance company or by an HMO, have someone from the Credit and Collection informed that your bill will be settled by the insurance company or HMO.


The Cashier office is near the Billing and PhilHealth office to easily accommodate patient / relatives on payment transactions. The Cashier office receives payments daily from (7am – 9:30pm), and accepts the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Diners, AMEXCO, and BPI. Cashiers' checks and Managers' checks will be accommodated during banking hours only.

After payment, you will be issued clearance slip to signify that you are cleared from any accountability from the Institute. As a policy, a Housekeeping staff has to wheel you from your room to the Lobby.

Hospital Billing Inquiries

An update of your daily hospital expenses can be requested from the Billing section during office hours. If you have any inquiry about your physician’s bill, you can call our Information Office at local 1015 for you to be connected to the doctors’ clinic. The physician’s secretary will be glad to assist you with any clarification.

Local: 1023 / 1024 / 1025
Direct Line: (632) 926-6514
Fax: (632) 926-6514