The Institute is located along the busy East Avenue near the Quezon City Hall and quite near to several restaurants and fast food centers, hotel, banks, gym and health spa and parks. The MRT Station is even just one ride away from the Institute thus travel to more possible destinations (Baclaran, Makati, Ortigas, Greenhills) are more convenient to relatives / visitors of our patients.

Restaurants and Fast Food Centers

          Max Restaurant
          Kentucky Fried Chicken
          Tropical Hut  


          Bank of Philippine Islands
          United Coconut Planters Bank  


          Sulo Hotel

Gym and Health Spa

          Indulgence Spa  


          Quezon Memorial Circle
          Parks and Wildlife

Patient Resources

For PRIVATE PATIENTS, below is the list of TELEMEDICINE platforms with names of doctors who use the respective platforms. Patients are advised to download and register to the appropriate platforms OR are advised to get in touch with their doctor(s) for further instructions.

If your doctor is NOT ON THE LIST, you are advised to get in touch with your doctor(s) or call NKTI TULOY AGAPAY Hotline 155210 for assistance.

Medifi                                      SeriousMD     

Adiong, Areefah,                                        Abad, Marco

Adora - Maligalig, Ana                                Adiong, Areefah       

Alcantara, Ma. Martina                              Amparo, Ging

Antonio, Zenaida                                       Aro, Eduardo Jr.  

Arakama, Mel-Hatra                                 Banaag, Amihan

Banaag, Amihan                                       De Lusong, Mark Anthony

Barretto, Svetlana                                    Ginete - Garcia, Joanne Kathleen

Bayog, Delia                                            Melendres, Mark

Biruar, Maaliddin                                      Mejes, Marc Anter

Celestial, Alberto                                     Ordonez, Claudine

Chua, Arnel                                             Parayno, Adolfo      

Coronel, Gerby                                        Purugganan, Benito Jr.

Danguilan, Romina                                  Sagayaga, Hilda M. 

Dela Rama, Susan                                   Serrano, Grace

De Leon, Donnah Franceska                    Teh, Catherine         

De Lusong, Mark Anthony                        Yusi, Genlinus   

Duque, Arlene                                            Zuniga, Hiyasmin     

Garrido, Roy                              

Ginete - Garcia, Joanne Kathleen

Gloria, Rainan                                

Gumba, Marie Angeline

Hizon, Richard

Jamias, Jade

Jaro, Joseph Michael

Juat Necy

Lazaro, Josef Carlo

Luna, Herdee

Marbella, Ma. Angeles

Mejes, Marc Anter

Mondragon, Alric

Mora, Ramon

Ordonez, Claudia

Pamugas, Glenda Eleanor

Paraiso, Layla Marie

Parayno, Adolfo

Pawhay, Christian

Paz, Melo Jane

Pelat, Jonah Fatima

Rosel, Myrna B.

Sagayaga, Hilda M.

Simangan, Lorna

Tan - Medina, Esther

Tanseco, Vicente Jr.

Teh, Catherine

Valderama, Violeta

Villanueva, Russel

Vilvar, Maria Isabel M.

Yu, Ira

Yusi, Genlinus

Zuniga, Hiyasmin

For SERVICE patients or PATIENTS with EXISTING records at the Outpatient Services (OPS), you are advised to register and download the VSee App., for you to able to book an appointment or consult.

How to download and setup VSee App:
1. Click the link to download VSee App.
2. For instructions how to setup VSee App, Click Here.