Transactions Hours and Schedule of Release
The Medical Records office accepts requests for medical records from Mondays to Fridays, 8:15 am until 12 noon. Patients can request the following records with the corresponding schedule of release:

Certificate of Confinement (CC) within the day of request
Examination Results within the day of request, if available
Medical Certificate (MC) within 5 working days after date of request
Discharge Summary (DS)/Clinical  
Abstract (CA)/Report of Operation within 7 working days upon request
Insurance Form (for service patient only) within 5 working days after date of request

How to Request
Download the Request for Medical Record / Information then accomplish properly. Go to the Medical Records office (Second Floor, Dialysis Center of NKTI) and submit the form at the counter. In case you have problem downloading, this form is also available at the Medical Records office.    
Claiming Requested Results
If the one who will claim the results is the patient himself, he should present an ID. If authorized representative will get the request, an authorization letter signed by the patient, the patient’s ID, and the claimer's ID is needed.
Cost and Payment
         P 50.00 for each record requested (CC, MC, DS/CA, Report of Operation)

         P 3.00 per photocopy of Examination Results
A charge slip will be issued by the Medical Records staff and the record shall be issued upon presentation of the official receipt.
For your convenience, please call the Medical Records Section prior the due date to confirm availability of record.
Tel. No. : (63) (2) 981-0300, 981-0400 to 10 Local 2130 / 2131
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.