Specialty Courses at its Best

The Nursing In-Service Training and Education Unit (NISTEU) formerly known as Institute of Advanced Nursing and Allied Health Professions (IANAHP), the training arm of the Nursing Services continues to be the lead in the continuing professional development (CPD) programs of the nursing staff. As the lead in Renal and Operating Room Nursing of the Department of Health Nurse Certification Program and in line with the Institute’s thrust in training. The NISTEU leads in the provision of specialty courses related to renal and allied health. Aside from the in-house nursing staff, these courses are being offered for government and private hospitals that mandates for organ transplantation and renal replacement therapy that includes hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. The NISTEU started its specialty courses since 2014. We have numerous numbers of hospitals trained to enhance the competency of their nurses and aid to support their mandate. The following are Competency Development Programs being offered yearly:
- Competency Development in Hemodialysis
- Competency Development in Peritoneal Dialysis
- Competency Development in Kidney Transplantation Nursing
- Competency Development in Operating Room Nursing
- Transplant Coordinator Training Course (in collaboration with Human Organ Procurement Transplantation)
Each course is applied to Professional Regulation Commission for program accreditation. The Nursing Services’ NISTEU is proud that on the height of pandemic we were able to conduct specialty programs accredited by PRC with 45 units per program. We are committed to offer high quality, comprehensive and cost-effective education, and training programs to nurses and allied health professionals and strive to regularly improve the methods and system of education to promote highest standards of nursing practice.