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About Us

Imbued with compassion, professionalism and excellence, we shall be the role model in the entire nursing profession and its allied health care services, globally recognized in the delivery of effective and efficient quality care to everyone we serve.


We are dedicated to serve and share our expertise to everyone with integrity and with partiality to none.

Quality Objectives

Patient Care
Provide individualized quality patient care using the nursing process to meet patient care needs from admission to home management.

Establish a continual program in quality training and education to provide the staff with the cutting edge knowledge, skills and values to effectively and efficiently care and interact with the patients.

Continuous Quality Improvement
Review, evaluate and revise processes and practices, to achieve best outcomes.

Develop and implement research-based strategies on identified patient care needs and job performance needs.

To provide competent, responsible, and accountable leadership aimed at developing and sustaining a creative and positive culture and milieu for professional nurses and support staff.

Core Values

  • Competence & Compassion

  • Timeliness

  • Accountability

  • Empowerment

  • Respect & Integrity

  • Innovation


The Marcos museum in memory of the late Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos was built and located at the newly renovated Unit 2E. The 8 Clinical Units are located at the 2 nd floor of the main building. Suite rooms are available at the 3 rd floor where you can experience the ambiance of a first class hotel accommodations. Our in-patient services cover a wide range of specialties: Transplantation; Surgery; Nephrology; Urology; Medicine, Orthopedic; Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat; Gynecology; Oncology; Hematology; etc. Every nurse is part of the skilled and expert team working with advanced technology and with the state of the art equipment.

Out Patient Service

The Our Patient Service is located at the ground floor of Annex II building. It is under the Clinical Care Division whose main function is to provide preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and palliative care to patients with non-urgent complaints. Our prescriptions are tailored for each individual’s unique needs. The unit is operated on an eight hour per day Monday through Friday. You can reach us at telephone no. 981-0300 local 1122, 1123 & 1124.

Services and Preparations

The unit offers maximum space for optimum patient comfort and streamlined triage and registration process. We provide a wide range of services with clinics in (1) General Medicine and its Subspecialty: Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Hematology, Neurology, Oncology, Psychiatry, Pulmonary & Rheumatology (2) Adult Nephrology with four categories: General Nephrology, Pre-Kidney Transplant Work-up, Post-Kidney Transplant and Post Kidney Donor (3)Urology (4) Pediatric-Nephrology (5) Vascular Surgery (6) Ophthalmology. In the Transplant clinic, care is provided by a multidisciplinary team through all phases of the transplant process, from pre-transplant evaluation through post-transplant long-term follow-up.

Schedule Clinic

Registration Time

Registration Time

Clinic Time

General Medicine & its Subpecialties





9:30am-12:00nn & 1:00pm-5:00pm

Other Services




Clinic Days




General Medicine

Adult Nephrology


(Hematology, Neurology, Medical Oncology and Psychiatry)

(General Nephrology Pre-KT, Post-KT, and Post Kidney Donor)





General Medicine

Adult Nephrology



(General Nephrology Pre-KT, Post-KT, and post Kidney Donor





Medical oncology

Prostate Health Clinic and Pedia-Urology


No Clinic

Adult Nephrology


(General Nephrology Pre-KT, Post-KT, and Post Kidney Donor)






General Medicine, Cardiology

Adult Nephrology


Pulmonology & Infetious Disease Oncology

(General Nephrology Pre-KT, Post-KT, and Post Kidney Donor)


General Medicine

Adult Nephrology


(Dermatology, Gastroenterology, and Rheumatology

(General Nephrology Pre-KT, Post-KT, and Post Kidney Donor)


Medical Oncology





Consultation Process :

  • Old & new patients secure a control number for OPS registration.

  • Old & new patients wait for their number to be called at the registration area.

  • New patients fill-in registration form if clinic is available; a written instruction is issued to patients whose clinic are not available. Filled-up forms are submitted back to the registration area.

  • Follow-up patients present pink card.

  • Old & new patients wait for their consultation charges and pay to the cashier. Note: New patients are issued clinic schedule.

  • Present Official Receipt to the clinic nurse and secure pink card before consult.

  • After consult, each patient must see the clinic nurse for post consultation instructions.

Emergency Room Services

The Emergency Services is located at the ground floor of the Annex I building

Our Expert Team <Back to Top>

Through caring, we enact the uniqueness of nursing and conviction that nursing makes a difference in the health of individuals, families and communities. Although we focus on the diagnosis and treatment of human responses, our role is constantly changing and evolving. We are teachers, advocates, leaders, managers, and research investigators. We synthesize natural and social sciences, humanities, arts and nursing theory – as applied to health and health responses.

Our Unique Nursing Resources

  • Deputy Director for Nursing

  • Division Chief

  • Supervisors

  • Headnurses

  • Transplant Nurse

  • Dialysis Nurse

  • Endoscopy Nurse

  • Oncology Nurse

  • Diabetes Educator

  • Training Officer

  • Clinical Instructor

  • Soon – Wound Care Nurse

  • IVT Nurse

Nursing Executive Council:

Nerissa M. Gerial, RN, MHA, FPCHA

Deputy Director, Nursing Services

Glecita S. Erni, RN, MAN

Division Chief II, Critical Division (local 3109)

Helen R. Malata, RN

Division Chief II, Critical Division (local 3109)

Mercedita V. Jocson, RN

Nurse V. Institute of Advanced Nursing & Allied Health Professional (local 3104)


Nurse Supervisors:

Nelda B. Bernardo, RN

Supervisor, Wing 3F (local 3329/3330)

Rita Z. Blanco, RN, MAN

Supervisor, Peritoneal Dialysis Unit (local 2069/2070)

Ferdinand M. Cruz, RN

Supervisor, Operating Room & Post-Anesthetic Care Unit (local 1109/1112)

Ma. Belinda B. Evangelista, RN

Supervisor, Emergency Room (local 1103/1105)

Delia S. Lagura, RN

Supervisor, Hemodialysis Unit (local 2104/2105)

Angelita B. Rodriguez, RN

Supervisor, Out-Patient Services (local 1122/1123/1124)

Ma. Victoria M. Santos, RN

Supervisor, Intensive Care Unit (local 2107/2108)


Head Nurses:

Hazel M. Villafranca, RN

Head Nurse, Wing 2A (local 2021/2023)

Zenaida T. Garcia, RN

Head Nurse, Wing 2B (local 2044/2046)

Elena L. Arellano, RN

Head Nurse, Wing 2C (local 2048/2067)

Lydia C. Canonigo, RN

Head Nurse, Wing 2D (local 2095/2098)

Ma. Cristina O. Enciso, RN

Head Nurse, Wing 3A (local 3094/3095)

Carolina E. Velasquez, RN

Head Nurse, Wing 3B (local 3096/3097)

January R. Rubia, RN

Head Nurse, Wing 3C (local 3098/3099)

Cecilia P. Tiu, RN

Head Nurse, Wing 3D (local 3126/3127)

Gina O. Santos, RN

Head Nurse, Hemodialysis Unit (local 2104/2105)

Rafaela Mae P. Bautista, RN

Head Nurse, Operating Room (local 1109/1112)

Daisy R. Lopez, RN

Head Nurse, Post-Anesthetic Care Unit (local 1110)

Marytes P. Bautista, RN

Head Nurse, Emergency Room (local 1103/1104/1105)

Training Program

The Institute offers post-graduate courses, seminars and workshops in Dialysis and Transplantations, PACU seminars, Dosage and Solutions, ICC; Blood and Other Blood Components lectures (Hematology); Oncology and other specialty courses.

Educational Opportunities

  • Continuing Professional Education ( CPE )

  • Basic Life Support Courses ( BLS )

  • IVT Seminars and Lectures

  • Post-Grad. Course ( c/o IANAHP)

Contact Us

Mailing Address:

Nursing Services Department


3rd Floor Main Building


National Kidney and Transplant Institute


East Avenue, Quezon City 1100



Email Address:

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Contact Numbers:

Telefax: (63) (2) 924-0704


Trunkline: (63) (2) 981-0300, 981-0400 local 3102


& 3103

Business Days & Hours:

Monday-Friday, 7am to 5pm


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