Posting of vacant positions is in compliance with Section 26.g, Rule VII of the Omnibus Rules on Appointment and Other Human Resource Actions as amended  on 3 July 2018.


NKTI Human Resource Management Division sets out to recruit highly qualified applicants to serve the Institute.

We provide an effective personnel administrative system by designing a career path and develop training programs that will return values to the organization in terms of increasing productivity, heightened morale, reducing cost and greater organizational stability and flexibility in order to adapt to changing needs of our stakeholders.

At NKTI, the Institute’s ethical character is defined by our people. We strive to attract people with strong, positive values, and we develop, reinforce and reward those values. These are embodied in our Vision-Mission, a respected document that has guided the Institute for more than 20 years. As our ethical framework, it outlines our responsibility to our customers, employees, communities and the government.

As you get to know us, you’ll realize that our people choose to live with our Vision – making it work day-in and day-out – not because it is required, but because we believe … it is Right.

Pre-Employment Application Procedure


Prepare copies of the following documents:
A. Bio-data / Resume with 2 pcs. passport size colored picture
B. Diploma
C. Scholastic / Transcript of records
D. Career Service Professional / Sub-Professional Exam Rating
E. Board Rating (only to those applicable)
F. Birth Certificate
G. NBI Clearance

- High School graduates may submit requirements A, B, F & G only.

Pre-Employment Application (PEA) Forms will be issued UPON COMPLETION of the said requirements.

Submit personally the duly accomplished PEA form together with the requirements to the HRMD Staff.


Applicants will be advised on the status of their application upon completion of STEP 1-3.

Note: Application on papers received by this office will be evaluated / treated on the basis of existing vacancy and its qualification standard.

Review of papers will be done on a REGULAR BASIS to serve as reference for future vacancies (thus previous applicants need not re-apply).

Qualified applicants will be notified thru PHONE CALL for further screening. NO PERSONAL AND PHONE CALL FOLLOW-UPS from applicants will be entertained except it is deemed necessary. feed

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