Our goal is to provide world class health care to all patients and their families and to pursue excellence in developing and establishing the highest level of training and research for physicians and paramedical personnel.

The Institute employs one of the region’s most experienced surgical transplant team and is home to the nation’s top transplant program. We have a hundred board-certified specialists and sub-specialists combining skills and talents for the advancement of medical practice.

The Institute has a long and distinguished history of service and medical excellence. It operates the busiest transplantation program in the country including kidney, liver, pancreas, stem cell, & bone marrow.

In addition to its transplant specialties, the Institute is respected as top facility in the other areas including dialysis and vascular surgery.

Quality patient care & dedication to patient satisfaction are the cornerstones of National Kidney & Transplant Institute. Our quality is measured in high patient satisfaction scores, continuous clinical performance activities, & excellent medical outcomes.

About NKTI
The National Kidney and Transplant Institute is a tertiary medical specialty center with a significant history relevant to the medical profession in the Philippines. It is the center for referral of kidney patients from various regional hospitals in the nation and is recognized as the lead agency in voluntary blood services. In its 33-year existence and operations, the Institute’s medical achievements and milestones are comparable to any specialty hospital in the world.

Formerly known as the National Kidney Foundation of the Philippines (NKFP) , the Institute has a three-fold mission : Service, Training and Research primarily for the benefit of the Filipino people afflicted with kidney and allied diseases and to secure the well-being of the people by providing them with the specialized health and medical services.

Location and Structure
National Kidney and Transplant Institute sits in the center of a 58,899 square-meter lot, along East Avenue in Quezon City, bordered by greenery screening the main building structures from the surrounding bustling avenues. This gives the patients and visitors the ease of commute and travel and also ensuring tranquility amidst the bustle of the city. This area is very accessible to all types of land transportation. ( Maps and Directions )

The Institute itself is 2-storey structure with three buildings (Main, Annex and Dialysis Center) connected to each other. The Main Building houses most of the Cost Centers and where the Administrative offices can be found. The Annex Building encloses the recently opened Marcos Wing and the Radiology Dept (MRI and CT Scan centers), Center for Special Services and also the ER Dept. In the Dialysis Center, you can find the Out-Patient Dep’t., Hemodialysis and CAPD centers, HOPE office, Medical Records office and the clinics (third floor) of all our Medical Specialists.
Commitment to Healthcare Excellence
In its more than two decades of operations, NKTI has always aimed for excellence relevant to general patient care but most importantly to the prevention or treatment of renal disease; and the various achievements can readily attest to this not only in the Philippines but in Asia as well : double transplant - kidney & pancreas (first in Asia, March 1988); Kidney - Liver transplant (first in Asia, September 1990); Bone Marrow Transplant (first in the Philippines, August 1990); ISO-Certification (first Government Hospital in the Philippines, February 2003). To sustain such commitment, the Institute has continuously maintain various healthcare-related programs of the Institute such the Human Organ Preservation Effort (HOPE), Voluntary Blood Donation Program (VBDP), Renal Disease Control Program (REDCOP) and Total Quality Management (TQM)

Corporate Vision – Infrastructure and Equipment
Aligned to NKTI’s commitment to healthcare excellence is its continuing expansion and growth, infrastructure- and patient service-wise. As it expands, NKTI has been successful in getting more trust and confidence of both the local and international patients.

The Institute’s infrastructure expansions in the recent years have made good impression to visitors as NKTI aims to convey its global status. After expansion constructions of the Dialysis Center, Out-Patient Services and Emergency Room, NKTI plans to construct a five-storey “dormitory” building for its employees, build a separate 3-storey, 100-bed, building for charity patients and establish a satellite dialysis and transplant units in the Philippines.

Among the recent major equipment acquisitions include the Mammogram, FISH, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). As part of NKTI’s long-range Business Plan (2005 – 2010), future acquisitions include the Electron Microscope, Positron Emission Tomography (PET), UTS Urology Imaging System and Vascular Imaging System, and Laparoscopic Instruments for the Institute’s Operating Room.