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    The inauguration of the NKTI-Baxter Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) Center of Excellence was held last February 23, 2021 at the NKTI. The center is a two-storey warehouse for PD dialysis solutions and accessories. Facilities include areas for patient training and clinical management as well as a queuing system to make the process of claiming these lifesaving fluids more efficient for PD patients.
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    Blessing and Inauguration of New Dormitory

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    Blessing and Turnover of new NKTI off-site Modular Hemodialysis Facility and Dormitory

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    NKTI 39th Founding Anniversary


Laboratory Hours for Outpatients


Laboratory Request and Billing System

Releasing of Laboratory Results

Laboratory Hours for Outpatients:

 7:30AM. - 5:00 P.M. 

Mondays thru Fridays 

Saturdays on call.

Routine Request:

Routine request will be accepted from 7:30 AMto 4:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays, results of samples received within the cut off times will be released 5pm the same day.

For Send-Out (International Request)

  1. Request for specimen collection (blood or buccal swab) for send out outside the country is accepted with prior arrangement with the laboratory. 
  2. For sterile blood and buccal swab collection the charge is $20 per sample. 
  3. Collection kit provided by the requesting agency should contain all the necessary requirements needed for sending out. 
  4. Arrangement with courier provider for transport of sample is the responsibility of the client/patient.

 Laboratory Request and Billing System:

  1.  The laboratory request form should be legibly filled up specifying the examination desired and the name of the attending physician. 
  2. Laboratory request is presented at the Laboratory Reception Area (LRA) for the issuance of charge slip. 
    New patients under NKTI doctors are required to register at the Admitting Section for the issuance of Hospital Number (Pink Card). The Pink Card and the laboratory request are presented at the Laboratory Reception Area for the issuance of charge slip. 
    The patient/patient's relative is directed to go to the Cashier Section for the payment of procedures and then to the Laboratory Extraction Area for specimen collection / instruction. 
    The following should be submitted to the Med. Tech.-on - duty: charge slip and official receipt of the requested laboratory examinations. 
  3.  Patients under HMO are required to submit a Letter of Authorization (LOA) to Credit and Collection section for validation. The patient is charged and asked to go to the Extraction Area for specimen collection/instruction. 
  4. For patients under Research Study, 2 copies of request form for the specific procedures duly signed by authorized signatories will be submitted in the laboratory. 
    The Laboratory Reception Area will prepare a charge slip for the procedure indicating the research code number and hospital number of the project. The charge slip and original copy of the request will be forwarded to the Billing section, who after verification will forward the same to the Credit & Collection section. 
  5. For service patients, charging of laboratory examinations may be done ahead of their laboratory appointment to give time on their transaction with the Social Service. 
  6.  For Inter-Agency Referrals, the patient is required to submit a copy of the inter-agency referral request to the office of the Deputy Director for Medical Services. 

    The patient is charged using the OPD rate and asked to present the charge slip and a copy of the inter-agency referral request to Cashier Section who shall immediately effect the 20% discount (subsidized rate) on the charge slip prior to patient's payment of bill. 

The charge slip and official receipt are submitted to the Med. Tech. on­ duty for specimen collection.

Releasing of Laboratory Result

Laboratory reports are released only to the ordering unit, client, primary care giver and/or physician. All patient related information is confidential. Patient information is on a need-to-know basis only. Discussion of results, sharing results with another employee or looking up patients results for unauthorized individuals is forbidden. External inquiries for patient results or information must be referred to the Hospital Public Relations Office. 

One (1) official copy of the laboratory results is released to patient / patient's representative on the following schedule: 

Note: For specimen and request received after 4:00 P.M., result will released at 5:00 PM on the following working day. 

Should the automated analyzer be out-of-order, clients will be properly informed of the delay.