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    The inauguration of the NKTI-Baxter Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) Center of Excellence was held last February 23, 2021 at the NKTI. The center is a two-storey warehouse for PD dialysis solutions and accessories. Facilities include areas for patient training and clinical management as well as a queuing system to make the process of claiming these lifesaving fluids more efficient for PD patients.
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    Blessing and Inauguration of New Dormitory

  • 3 of 4 Hemodialysis Facility

    Blessing and Turnover of new NKTI off-site Modular Hemodialysis Facility and Dormitory

  • 4 of 4 39th Founding Anniversary

    NKTI 39th Founding Anniversary


Guidelines for Acceptability of Specimens

 Unacceptable specimens are reported immediately to the referring laboratory. To avoid rejected specimens, please refer to instruction for specific specimen requirement, collection and handling.

A. Unacceptable Specimens

  1. Mislabeled Specimens

    a. The name and/or identifying number do not match on the sample and requisition. 
    b. The name and/or identifying number are missing from the sample or requisition.

  2. Unsuitable Specimens

    a. Specimen with insufficient quantity. 
    b. Hemolyzed blood specimen 
    c. Improperly collected specimen 
    d. Inappropriate type of specimen or preservative 
    e. Unacceptable time lapse since collection
    f. Visible signs of contamination 
    g. Specimen not collected in the proper container 
    h. Improperly handled or transported specimen

 B. Corrective Actions:

  1. Referral specimens that are determined as mislabeled and/or unsuitable for testing are held, pending contact with referring client. The client will be asked to submit another sample. 
  2. For outpatients, the LRA staff will be notified that the sample was mislabeled and/or unsuitable for testing and will need to be recollected. 
  3. Specimens that are incompletely identified (lack the necessary information) or clerical transcription errors are suspected on the request form, but the identity of the sample is not in question, the sending party will be asked to complete the necessary information on the label and/or request slip, or, if not possible, the specimen will be returned.