Library Hours

Monday to Friday
9:00 - 12:00 a.m.
1:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Location & Facilities

The NKTI Medical Library is housed in a fully air-conditioned 150 square meters floor area at the 2nd floor of the Annex Building. It has a seating capacity of 42 persons in one setting. It has 3 computers, printer and a photocopier.

The NKTI Medical Library endeavors to provide and maintain a strong collection capable of supporting the research needs of the clientele. The collections include approximately 1,389 volumes of books and subscription of 28 periodical titles. The library has 723 bound journals and 2,540 loose journals.

Reference Services

  • Internet Services - the library has three computers with internet access. Internet users are subject to the library's Internet policies.
  • Referral Services - books and journals not found at the NKTI library and are available in other medical libraries can be availed with referral letter from the librarian subject to their rules and regulations.
  • Photocopy Service - a photocopy machine is available in the library with a minimal fee.
  • Information Service - the librarian provides assistance in locating of library materials.

General Policies

  • Books are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme.
  • Bound/Loss periodicals are arranged alphabetically by title. Current issues are in the display racks for easier access.

  Catalog and Access Indexes

  • Card catalog offers, author, title and subject approaches
  • Periodical indexes until 1993 issues are arranged by subject
  • CDS/ISIS Database was installed in the computer with the following access point:

                 a. Libcol – Books
                 b. Jrl - Journals
                 c. Bib - Local researchers (paper submitted by fellows/resident physicians)
Authorized User

  • NKTI personnel (must be duly registered in the library)
  • Post Graduate Medical Interns, IAHNAP students
  • Outside researchers with referral letters from their librarian or proper authority and a fee of P30.00 for non-government institutions.

Loan Period

  • A maximum of 2 books can be borrowed for a five (5) day period. It can be renewed provided no other readers need them.
  • Journals are for inside reading only.

  Lost Books/Journals
A library clientele who loses book/journal and other library materials shall replace it with the same title. If lost material is not available or out of print, he/she has to pay the equivalent cost of the lost materials.
Mutilation & Theft Cases

Any person who shall deface, mutilate, appropriate for himself or steal any library materials or property shall be subject to administrative disciplinary action which shall be determined by the proper authorities of the NKTI
Penalty for Overdues

Any borrower who failed to return a book & other library materials on its due date shall be fined of fifteen pesos (15.00) each book /journal per day inclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The maximum penalty shall not exceed the acquisition cost of the material.